Arts Committee Announces Fifth Annual Scarecrow Competition
2017 Scarecrow 1st & 3rd Place winners

The Fayette County Public Arts Committee is making plans for the 5th Annual Scarecrow Competition. READ MORE.


The Fayette County Public Arts Committee has announced an open Call to Artists for its PopUp Art Events. PopUps are temporary features of any type of performance or visual arts. These events will be held at various locations across the County beginning in the Spring of 2018. Artists are encouraged to submit their applications to be considered for these events.

Artists will have a new, unique opportunity to share their work in the community with the PopUp Art Events. Are you a painter, photographer, potter, singer, dancer, sculptor? Is your specialty wood turning or carving? Do you have expert culinary skills? Are you a story teller or good with the spoken word? Is there an artistic talent or skill you would like to share at an exciting PopUp event in Fayette County?

The Committee plans to kick-off the PopUp concept with a special feature focusing on the Five Senses - Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight and Hearing. The Five Senses PopUps will be held on five different dates with each event showcasing one of the five senses. The artist(s) selected for that event will share their art that is specific to one of the five senses being featured. For example, the sense of smell could feature a floral artist, scented candles and it could be held at a nature area.

In addition to the Five Senses PopUps, the Public Arts Committee will also host other PopUp Art Events throughout the year. The PopUp concept is a great opportunity for artists to share their work and expertise in the community.

To submit for consideration in the PopUps, artists will need to complete an application and provide photos of their art work or a video of their performance. The Committee will also accept links to websites or portfolio sites, if available. Artists do not have to be a resident of Fayette County to be considered for this program.

For an application or more information about the Fayette County Public Arts Committee’s PopUp Art Events, email the Committee at

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