The Fayette County Public Arts Committee hosted its First Annual Scarecrow Competition.  An official call was issued to the creative citizens of Fayette County, young and old, to create their best scarecrows ever.  Scarecrows were placed on display next to the public plaza on the grounds of the County Administration Building in downtown Fayetteville.

A huge congratulations to the winners of 2014 and we look forward to the exciting submissions in the coming year.


The Fayette County Public Art Committee [FCPAC] placed a call for artists on September 3, 2014 and selected a finalist to create a large scale mural at the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant [3500 TDK Blvd Peachtree City, GA] as a statement of our county's need for public exploration of Fayette's collective appreciation for art culture. Our overall goal is to help establish Fayette County as an arts destination with a flourishing art community, encouraging inventive and creative expression.


The Finance Center received a beautiful makeover! Stop by to see the historical photos that cover the walls, the reframed sculptured watercolors by local artist Patsy Gullet, a beautiful rendition of the Fayette County courthouse by artist Vicki Turner, new seating, and a fresh new paint job.


That ugly red box by the tax commissioner’s office has a bright and new vinyl wrap. Designed with tags that state our love for Fayette County and Georgia we are peacock proud of the creativity spewing from the Fayette County Public Arts Committee.

Fire Hydrant ART Contest!

First Ever Fire Hydrant Art Project is Complete

We are celebrating the completion of the first fire hydrant public art display in county's history. The project was open to high school students residing in Fayette County...Full story


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